Matthias Fluor

Media Composer, Arranger, Musician

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About me

I am a Swiss composer who enjoys writing atmospheric, orchestral-focused music as well as soundtracks which enhance and immerse the audience. I have worked on 10+ game projects using audio middleware such as FMOD and Elias to create fitting, adaptive music. I have been composing music for over 16 years and have been playing live for over a decade with bands I formed.

I write in a variety of styles, but focus on orchestral music to give your project the soundtrack it deserves. Every project is a new challenge and every project has different needs. I work to ensure the best quality for your needs. I work fast, reliable, and with passion, to make your project shine.

For me, the project comes first. My score serves the picture and supports your vision of the project. I can provide a sound you won't find anywhere else. Your unique project deserves a unique musical approach, be it a shortfilm, feature film, video game, podcast, or audio logo. Professionalism and quality is what I bring to the table. I have a wide range of connections with musicians, producers, and orchestrators to ensure the maximum quality to elevate your project to what it should be through my unique music.

Recent Projects

Kings Vessel

MOBA, in development

Head of audio department, Composer

Harry and Remy (2018)



Throne of Lies

Steam, successfully kickstarted

Additional Music

Unidentified: Story Mode


Orange Weekly News Show

NFL fan news show

Main Theme

Giant Monster Messages

Podcast about giant monsters, and hidden meanings

Main Theme, Section intros


Do not hesitate and contact me! If you would like to collaborate with me on your next project, or for any other reason, I'd love to hear from you!

I am looking forward to working with you!