Matthias Fluor

Composer, Arranger, Musician

My name is Matthias Fluor and I am a swiss composer, arranger and musician. I mainly work film, TV and video games and create music and sounds.
I enjoy writing atmospheric and emotional music, with the goal to create the best music for the projects I work on. Every project is a new challenge and requires new solutions. As an experienced musician (I stood on stage for over a decade with various bands) I know the importance of making the audience feel not with music alone, but with the whole experience. In my work, the project comes first. The music I create serves the picture and supports the vision of the project with a unique sound.


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I love creating scores for dark and dramatic projects, giving the right atmopshere to make the audience feel.
I create a fitting sonic palette for the project at hand to give it the uniqueness it deserves, and providing the missing puzzle piece to make a good project a great project.

Recent Projects

The Fading Meadow


Hunter's Rest


Kings Vessel

Composer, Head of Audio

Throne of Lies


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