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About Me

I enjoy writing memorable themes that stick as well as soundtracks which enhance and immerse the player deeply into the game world. I've worked on 5+ projects using audio middleware such as FMOD and Elias to create fitting adaptive music. I have been composing music for over 15 years and have played live multiple times with bands I formed.

I can write in a variety of styles, but I focus on orchestral music to give your game the soundtrack it deserves. Every game is a new challenge and every game has different needs. As an avid gamer, participant of gamejams and professional programmer, I know how much work goes into the creation of a game - I compose custom-tailored, adaptive music for your game that you won't find anywhere else and that makes your game a unique experience.


You want to step up your quality with custom tailored music for your game? Do not hesitate and contact me! If you would like to collaborate with me on your next game project or for any other reason, I'd love to hear from you!